• 250-hour Milestone — PPWHANC Certificate
  • 500-hour Milestone — PPWHANC embroidered halter (appx. $40-$50)
  • 1000-hour Milestone — $80 Gift Certificate
  • 1500-hour Milestone — PPWHANC Plaque


now available

Distance Log Books
are available from

Judy Hadley
Jessica Ellis

You can also turn in your logs books to either Judy or Jessica to receive your milestone awards.



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Distance Award

The Distance Award Program is for PPWHANC MEMBERS ONLY. The effective date of this program was on May 1, 1997.

All PPWHANC members and their horses are eligible for this program. The number of hours in forward motion on the horse are to be recorded–a minimum of one hour per session and in increments of one-half hour. The hours are to be recorded in a log book supplied by PPWHANC. Multiple riders may be recorded in a single horse’s log book–the program is a record of the horse’s accomplishments.

Upon completion of 50, 100, 250, 500 and additional increments of 500 hours, a notification of the horse’s accomplishments will be published on the PPWHANC website. A tangible award will be presented to the owner of the horse upon completion of the 250-hour increment and upon completion of each additional 500-hour increment up to 1500 hours. All program hours will be kept on the honor system. At each milestone, the log book should be sent to Distance Program Chair to be certified and then returned to the owner. You should notify the Chair upon completion of these increments in order for the name of the horse and rider to be published to the PPWHANC website.

The distance program is designed to be an on-going record of the horse’s accomplishments. These hours can be accomplished in any number of ways—by riding on PPWHANC trail rides, on local trail rides, on weekend trips, on long out-of-state trips, trail riding in state parks, just trail riding by yourself—just remember to put down your hours in forward motion on your horse in the log book. It is not defined by calendar year and is not limited to PPWHANC trail rides. In the event that a horse’s ownership moves from one PPWHANC member to another, the record follows the horse.