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Please fill out all information and one form per horse. Pre-entries close 5-24-2022. This show is affiliated with the Walking Horse Owners Association (membership required) and Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders & Exhibitors Association (TWHBEA)..
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Every entry shall constitute an agreement that the person making it, owners, exhibitors, lessees, trainer, manager, agent coach, rider and the horse shall be subject to the bylaws and the rules of WHOA and the local rules of the show. Further its shall constitute a declaration that the horse and/or rider is eligible as entered and the owner and all of his/her representatives are bound by the bylaws and rules of WHOA and the show and accept as the final decision of WHOA on any question arising under said rules, and agree to hold the show, the WHOA, their officials, directors and employees harmless for any action *
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