Trail Rides


Please observe these
simple Trail Riding Rules
when riding with others.


Your Monthly Escape

PPWHANC tries to have a monthly trail ride at a location that will stay with you for many trail rides to come.

Explore A New Place

Join together with your trail riding friends and explore a new place each month throughout the year.

Escape Reality

There is nothing like the back of a good horse to escape the realities of your hectic day-to-day life.

2019 Schedule


If you would like to host a ride, CONTACT
Lynn Dean at
or email to



Trail Ride/Fun Day


November 10, 2019

Trail Ride starts @ 10 AM
Lunch @ 1 PM

Double D Equestrian Center
733 Egypt Church Road
Louisburg NC. 27549

PPWHANC will be co-sponsoring this event with the Four Beats for Pleasure club. Participants can enjoy: Trail riding!  Practice rings – covered & outside!  Games on horseback!

Lunch catered by Charcoal’s Pit Beef at 1:00 PM  

PPWHANC will cover the $10 per horse fee for its members attending. Please notify Lynn Dean if you are WILL BE attending.

336-364-1205 or
email to


Just a few things to mention for our Sunday Fun Day:

There will be someone at the Double D entrance (start of the circle driveway) to check your Coggins, collect the signed liability release and to direct you to parking. There is a large circle driveway around the outdoor arena and lawn in the middle. We will start parking like a halter class: nose to tail on one side of the driveway so that people can pass around you easily and your horses can be tied on the interior side. Then we will start parking in the lawn area which should be nice and dry and someone will be there to direct. Needless to say, please park giving the trailer you’ll be next to plenty of room so your horse isn’t too butt to butt close to your neighbor.
Keep in mind that if you are going to go on the trails Judy Hadley will be leading out several rides for those that want to go on a nice relaxing group ride. I’m all about safety and making it a pleasant experience for all, so it’ll be walking – whether we decide to trail or flat walk depending on how the horses are all doing, but no cantering on rides I lead. I think on group rides it’s a bad idea when there are kids involved and/or young horses. So, you can come on the ride knowing that I’ll be looking back a lot to make sure everyone is good. If your horse is dancing around and you need to do some circles or serpentines – no problem! We will accommodate young and inexperienced horses so you feel safe. I also like to let the horse in the back to move to the front and the front horses to move in the middle or back to give them experience. We will be riding safe trails that are maintained on both Double D land and adjoining farmland not owned by Double D anymore, but that we are allowed to ride on. I treat all fields as if they were planted and don’t go off the trails onto any plowed fields, or even fields that are fallow – but I know that goes without saying. I want for us to be welcomed back anytime if you know what I mean. If you’d rather fly solo or in your own group there are maps we will have and the trails have numbered markers.
You don’t have to trail ride,of course, and there will be games, 2 nice arenas to ride in, plenty of food and lots of fellowship! It’s going to be a fairly large crowd – we are anticipating between 50 and 60 people, so let’s have a good time! One thing to note: NO ALCOHOL allowed on Double D property. There is access to water for your horses – just ask Jennifer Batts or Judy Hadley for the hydrant locations. I’m sure I’ll think of something else before Sunday, but wanted to keep you all in the loop! So excited! Bring your warm clothes!

OOPS! One more thing before I forget: bring your muck bucket and manure fork! We are going to be parking on a beautiful LAWN, not a pasture; so if you could pick up your horses’ road apples before you leave and any hay strewn around, I would really appreciate it (and I’m sure John Daniels would too!). Let’s leave it looking like we were never there! 😁🙌🏻👍🏻. Thanks all!!! You’re the BEST!

A Horse without a Rider
Is still a Horse
But a Rider without a Horse
Is only a Human