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Plantation Pleasure
Walking Horse
Association of
North Carolina

Spring  Fling

April 8th

Tarheel Plantation 

June 24th

Fall Frenzy

September 16th


High Point Winners

(From left to right) (?), Lori Currin, Lexi Nelms, (?), Emma Wood, Ernestine Parrott, Brooklynn Watkins, Erin Cottrell, (?), Carolina Carraway, Morgan Hodge


James Kelley

2017 Youth Ambassadoer

  • Year-End High Point Awards
  • Scholarship
  • Members Recognized
  • Socialize with other members

Lifetime memberships will be awarded to long time club members who have helped the club over the years. The Board of Directors will choose these honorary members.  8/9/2005

Ernestine Parrott

Lifetime Member