Requirements &

Any applicant (he or she) who applies for the scholarship must be at least a senior in high school and cannot be over 24 years of age. The applicant must have been a member of PPWHANC for two consecutive years prior to applying for the scholarship.
When applying an appliant must provide:

  • Current high school transcript and/or a college transcript with final grades
  • A letter of recommendation from a PPWHANC member
  • A letter of recommendation from a non-PPWHANC person, teacher, pastor, riding instructor, etc.
  • Essay

Other Information

  • As long as eligible, applicant may reapply each year if not selected. Once selected, applicants may not reapply.
  • The winning applicant will be announced at the annual Christmas Party. He/she will not receive the monetary award; however, until presenting proof of enrollment at a university or college to a ¬≠scholarship committee member. This may be a cancelled check or a receipt for college expenses. Only one scholarship will be awarded each year.
  • All scholarship information is to be held in strictest confidence. All applications and supporting ¬≠material become the property of PPWHANC and will not be returned.
  • Scholarships are to be awarded on the basis of academic ability, leadership, extracurricular activities and involvement in equine activities.

Scholarship Amount:

Scholarship Materials
Due Date:
October 31, 2018




Scholarship Committee


The committee can be made up of board members and/or non-board members. It will consist of at least three members. The committee will be responsible for:

  • Posting the announcement on the PPWHANC website giving the applicant ample time to obtain his/her ¬≠transcript before the October 31st deadline.
  • Asking for volunteers to serve on the scholarship committee.
  • Mailing scholarship information to members if requested.
  • Meeting with the other committee members to review applications and determine a winner.
  • Requesting additional information from the applicant if necessary.
  • Presenting future proposals and/or change requests pertaining to the scholarship program to the board members.
  • Writing an article for a walking horse publication announcing the winner.

Scholarship Chair
Ernestine Parrott
2891 Hallie Burnette Road
Oxford, NC 27564


Caitlyn Moseley won the $1,000 scholarship for the year ending 2016.

Caitlyn Moseley won the $1,000 scholarship for the year ending 2016.

No scholarship was awarded for the year ending 2017.




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